To follow the development of our industry and to support the industry according to requirements, data related to enterprise is needed and undoubtedly forming these data depends on the set of a good recording system. With this in mind, Law no 6948: Industry Record Law implemented in 1957 and micro, small and middle enterprises’ data began to record by the Ministry. Registration records are dynamic data and develop steadily.

          Many data are collected for each manufacturing place and all these data are updated annually. To get meaningful information from these data, depends on standardization and classification of data. In order to achieve this aim, registration record data base uses Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (Rev.2), Turkish Industrial Product List (PRODTR) and Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community. By using the classifications, it is possible to create reports in sectorial (10.-food products) and sub-sectorial basis (10.41-oils and fats).

          The requests for information made to our Ministry related to the industrial enterprises are met by the registration record data. In addition to extensive data, generally users request for title, address, contact information, and product name. It is evaluated that to reach the information of enterprises directly by the user is more beneficial for the Turkish economy as it provides to communicate directly with the enterprise itself. In this context, based on registration record industrial product web portal called “Lonca” has been prepared.

          By the help of “Lonca”, web portal of industrial products, it is possible to reach information about industrial enterprises as well as other related data belongs to these enterprises.


To find company and product, use red search bar at the top of each page and select the search criteria and type the search text.

To go to screen listing the criteria you entered automatically, click the search button at the side of search box or push the enter key on the keyboard.

İf appropriate result has not found according to criteria entered, detailed search page will come up by offering more options.

Detailed Search

Detailed Search can be accessed by clicking the red search bar in Lonca.

The criteria on this page can be used collectively and the result can be accessed directly according to the desired criteria. For example; product defination and company name may be used at the same time as criteria in the search.

The terms and descriptions are listed below in Lonca:
Product Name : the name of the products according to CPA( Statistical classification of product) code system
Product Description : It is the information which define the product technically and commercially
Sector : It is the search criteria which can be typed on the left side of the page.

Pages After The Search

Product information : It is the page where product names, prodcom cod and product descriptions are listed. If products can be clicked, the page that lists manufacturer of the product will be reached.

Company Listing : The company and the location of the company are listed at this page. By clicking company, the company information page can be reached.

Company information : It is the the page that presents the name, adress, telefon, fax, e-mail, web adress, product range of the company. By clicikng the one of the product in the range, other companies that manufacture the same product can be reached also.

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